Description of the EP

«6В10405 – Artistic work, graphics and design»

Purpose: highly qualified in the field of art education teachers of the new formation.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- has the basics of the theory and history of visual art; knows the laws and rules of the methodology of color science, design and graphics;
- owns creative, technological, technical techniques of visual art, decorative and applied art, design and technology, food culture and home culture in the subject of artistic work, is able to apply practical knowledge in teaching activities;
-   uses innovative methods of education, demonstrates modern technologies and knowledge management skills;
- able to effectively apply computer programs and modern design using digital educational resources;
- owns the laws and principles of national education in professional activities, carries out the educational process on the basis of normative legal acts;
- knows the concepts and methodological foundations of pedagogy and psychology, the results of his work in professional activity, in the formation of a healthy, favorable and safe environment, depending on the age characteristics of students;
- knows the principles and methods of research in the educational environment, is able to conduct research;
- demonstrates a high level of values of a decent citizen and ecological culture; uses methods of planning and organizing business activities.

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