Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology

Kaliyev AibekKaliev Aybek Kiikbaevich
Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Tel: 8 (71430) 7-24-88, internal phone - 132

The Faculty is located in the main building ArkPI, 3-floor room number 301

Faculty today 
The Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology – among the faculties of the Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute is a fundamental team that has its own history in training qualified teachers, trains specialists in four languages. Combines educational programs and complexes related to professions that are part of the faculty. The Faculty Council is organized to discuss the issues of the faculty's work and make decisions. Currently, the dean of the faculty is Ph.D., Associate Professor Kaliev Aibek Kiikbayevich.

A Brief History:
As for history, since the foundation of the Institute, work has been underway to train specialists in the specialty “Russian language and literature”.
“Russian Language and Literature” Department was established in 1972, and Tuzelbai Baizhanov was the head of the Department of “Russian Language and Literature” in 1972-1973.
In the 1973-1974 academic year, the Faculty of Philology and Correspondence Studies was established under the leadership of I. I. Shchurin, the specialty “Russian language and literature in Kazakh schools” was opened, the first applicants were accepted.
“Russian language and Russian and Foreign Literature”  has been working since 1975 (head of the department. teacher Rakhmetova S. A.).
In the 1978 academic year, an educational program was opened in the specialty teaching Russian in Kazakh schools.
In the 1990s, due to the shortage of specialists in the “Kazakh language and literature” in the northern region, a two-year accelerated course was opened, on the basis of which there were opportunities for admission of students (the first graduates: G. K. Bizhanova, R. Choikeeva, etc.). These were experimental measures taken as soon as possible to address the needs of specialists.
On February 3, 1992, the Faculty of “Kazakh Language and Literature” was established, Professor Asset Lamashev became the first dean, and in 1993 the dean of the faculty, Ph.D., associate professor Shamshibanu Abisheva.
In 1993, at the above-mentioned faculty (at the suggestion of Academician K. Kuzembai), students were admitted to the English-Kazakh department, in 1994 - to the German-Kazakh department.  There were several Turkish citizens among the first graduates of the Anglo-Kazakh department.
In the 1994-1995 academic year, the Faculty of “Kazakh Language and Literature” was headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate Professor S. A. Valikhanov.
In 1995-1997, the Faculty of Kazakh Language and Literature was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences K. G. Darkenov. In August 2000, by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute, the faculties of “Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and Literature” were merged and the Faculty of Philology was established. The duties of the dean of the faculty were performed by S. A.Naushbekov. From 2002 to 2007, the dean of the faculty was Ph.D., associate professor Sh. A. Valikhanov.
In the new academic year 2007-2008, the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology was established.
2009 the dean of the faculty was appointed Ph.D., Kaliev Aibek Kiikbayevich.

Educational programs at the faculty:

  • 6B01201 “Preschool education and upbringing”;
  • 6B01202 “Preschool teacher and teacher-psychologist”;
  • 6B01301 “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”;
  • 6B01101 “Pedagogy and psychology”;
  • 6b01102 “Teacher and mentor of additional education”;
  • 6B01701 “Kazakh language and literature”;
  • 6B01702 “Russian language and literature”;
  • 6B01703 “Foreign language: two foreign languages”;
  • 6B01704 “Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction”;
  • 6B01705 “Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction”;
  • 6B01706 “English”

Graduates can work according to the following qualifications:

  • in institutions of secondary and special secondary education, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges;
  • research centers, institutes of preparatory direction, pedagogy, psychology, methods of teaching individual disciplines;
  • in the departments of education.
  • as an employee of professional research institutions;

Teaching staff

  • 4 candidates
  • 4 PhD
  • 39 master
  • 29 senior lecturer
  • 17 teachers

4 laboratory assistants contribute to the educational process at the required level.

Material and technical base of the faculty:

  • computer classes – 2;
  • multimedia classrooms – 2;
  • on the basis of the educational program pedagogy and psychology there are 6 centers: “Ethnopedagogy and ethnopsychology”, “Pedagogical skills and practice”, “Relax”, “Self-education”, “Daryn”, “Educational and information center”;
  • the educational program "Methods of preschool and primary education" contains 1 center: mini-center “Baldyrgan”.
  • There are 1,473 students studying at the faculty.

Additional information
Studying at a university-teaches difficult work, endurance and determination of the student, diligence, independent search, creative approach to work.In order for the student's work to be successful and achieve the intended results, it is necessary to organize correctly:

  • set the right goals and objectives;
  • creating a good psychological state;
  • proper work planning and proper time allocation;
  • mastering the skills of working with a book;
  • learn to write;
  • the ability to remember, use your memory and thinking;
  • mastering the skills of research work;
  • mastering the culture of speech and communication.
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