Department of Academic Affairs


Antayeva Almagul 

Head of the Department of Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs includes the following structural units:
- educational-methodical department;
- the office of the registrar;
- Sector of practice and employment of graduates.

Tasks of the Department
the development of new, effective learning processes designed to increase the activity and independence of students, to provide practical assistance in the performance of theoretical assignments, as well as to stimulate the creative activity of teachers in teaching, methodological and organizational work.

Functions of the Department
 Ensuring the growth of high quality educational services on the basis of the introduction of modern educational technologies, the growth of the scientific and pedagogical qualifications of teachers, the unification and standardization of the educational process on the basis of the state standard;
 Together with the deans of faculties, the organization of the educational process;
 improving the organization of the educational process based on the achievements of pedagogical science;
 development of recommendations for future plans for the development of the institute;
 counting, development and current regulation of the dynamics of the staff of the teaching and teaching and auxiliary staff;
 systematic analysis of educational process indicators;
 organization and conduct of practices on the basis of the institute and in external organizations in conjunction with the deans of faculties and departments;
 Participation in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of information of the management of the educational process;
 organization of training of teachers and staff of the Institute with modern pedagogical innovations and information technologies;
 coordination of works on educational and methodological support of the educational process;
 accounting, storage, processing, preparation and issuance of educational and methodological information;
 accounting and provision of information on the contingent of students;
 accounting and issuance of documents on the completion of the institute;
 management of the educational process of the institute;
 control and analysis of the quality of the provision of educational services (monitoring, interim control and final certification).
 Control over the calculation of the training load, the calculation of the staff of the teaching staff.
 Conducting monitoring of methodological support of specialties and academic disciplines (UMMC and IMCD).
 Organization of accounting and sending all correspondence originating from the department.
 Establishing contacts with other HEIs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and their representative offices in order to improve the organization of the educational process.
 Timeliness of changes in the curricula of specialties in accordance with the decisions of the Academic Council of the Institute, informing the departments and faculties about the changes.
 Conducting seminars, meetings and other events on a range of issues within the competence of the Department.
 Participation in the development of prospective integrated plans and programs of educational and methodological work.
 Participation in the organization and conduct of PPP methodological activities.
 Control over the implementation of the institute's activities by the faculties and departments, the decisions of the Academic Council, the rector, orders and orders on the issues of educational and methodological work.
 Preparation of draft orders based on the materials of the Academic Council and the administration on the issues of teaching and methodological work at faculties and departments, summarizing the results of these inspections and developing recommendations for improving this work.
 Develop recommendations for improving the learning process and disseminating best practices.
 Generalization and analysis of the implementation of the planned teaching and methodical work of the teaching staff.
 Request from all structural units and officials of the institute of information necessary for the implementation of its tasks and functions.
 Control over the formation of the staff of the faculty.