Terms of use

Terms of use IBK

• The right to use the information and library complex is provided to the faculty, students and staff of the Institute. Other categories of readers are served in a one-off order.•

The main types of library services are provided free of charge.

•The readers are registered in the IBC on the basis of a document certifying the reader's affiliation with the institution: for students - a student card, for entrants - an examination sheet, for teachers and employees - an identity card or business card and one photograph 3x4 cm in size.

• The reader is given a single reader's ticket for the right to use the IBK and the reader's form is filled out. When you write to the library, readers become acquainted with its rules and confirm the obligation to fulfill them with their signature in the reader's form.

• The validity period of the library card is one year. Annually (before the beginning of the academic year), the IBC conducts a re-registration of its readers with the presentation of all the literature listed on them in a timely manner, and the renewal of the library card. Readers who do not re-register are not serviced

.• The reader's ticket is the only document that gives the right to use the IBK. The transfer of the library card to another person to receive books in the library is not allowed.• The reader must inform the IBC of any changes in the name, place of work and study, residence, telephone number within 10 days.

• Upon retirement from the Institute, readers return to the IBK the books and readers' books that are listed for them, sign bypass sheets.

• The issuance of literature on the house is made on season tickets. Reading rooms provide literature for use without the right to remove. Encyclopedias, reference books, dissertations, current periodicals, rare and valuable books and publications are issued only for work in reading rooms. The last and only copy with the stamp "Obligatory copy" is not subject to extradition.

• When you receive books, other works of the press and other materials, readers carefully review the publications and, if any defects are found, inform the librarian on duty, otherwise the reader who used the publication last is responsible for damage to the books.

• Readers who violate the rules of use or cause damage to the IBK bear administrative, civil-law (material) or criminal liability in the forms provided for by the current legislation, regulations and rules for the use of IBK.• Readers responsible for the loss or damage of the publication, replace it with the same publication, or publications recognized by the ILC as equivalent.