The services

The library offers its readers basic services:
• Library services in reading rooms;

• issuing books to the home through a subscription;

• Information search in databases and search systems;

• organization of individual use of electronic documents, audio materials and educational video programs from the funds of the IBK;

• reference and bibliographic services on the subjects of the university;

• targeted information about new literature;

• compilation of bibliographic lists of literature on the profile of the university;

• advising on the method of information-bibliographic search;

• advising on the rules for describing works of print and bibliographic design of scientific work;

• Conducting cultural, educational, leisure activities for students and teachers;• consulting on problems of library science and bibliography.
And also the library offers additional services:
• the implementation of complex bibliographic references, not related to the educational or professional activities of the reader;

• compilation and editing of bibliographic lists of literature for course, diploma and scientific works;

• compilation of recommendatory lists of literature at the request of readers;

• Individual information about new acquisitions to the library at the request of the reader;

• "night" subscription - issuing literature from the collections of reading rooms for the period when the library does not work;

• issuing literature from the library's funds to outside organizations under the contract;

• listening and viewing of personal audio and video recordings;

• definition of UDC or BBK index on articles and monographs;

• individual advice on the preparation of reports, abstracts, articles;

• Conducting on-site exhibitions, mass events on applications from schools;