Addresses of sites and portals by specialties

1. - Deutscher bildungs server: server for social pedagogy. A selection of material on various aspects of social pedagogy.
2. - Inlife: the child and the family. Library of articles on family pedagogy.
3. - Inter-pedagogy. The site contains a variety of information on various aspects of pedagogy.
4. - Blog on psychology in pedagogy.
5. - Socpedagogika. Site for Social Pedagogy.
6. - Pedagogika-cultura. Pedagogy of culture.
7. - - Library for pedagogy.
8. - Socpedagog. The site of social pedagogy.


1. - Site for psychology. Site on psychology.
2. - Site for students of psychological faculties.
3. - Psychology in the Russian language. Library of psychological literature.
4. - To help the psychologist. Psychological techniques.
5. - "School psychologist". Supplement to the newspaper "First of September". Articles on psychology, normative documents, literature for the school psychologist, etc.
6. - PsiPortal - the "capital" of network psychology. Sections: news, library, conferences and forums, testing, resources.
7. - Project "Psychology - All of Russia". Different directions of practical psychology.
8. - NLPstudent projec. NLPstudent project. Materials on psychology. Full texts of books and articles on psychology.

Preschool education and upbringing
1. - Preschool education. The full content of the issues of the newspaper "Preschool education" of the publishing house "First of September".
2. - RIN.RU: preschool education. Articles and publications on the problems of education, materials for parents and teachers.
3. - Center for Development and Correction of Children. Individual development and preparation of children for school.
4. - Early start. Materials on a wide range of issues of psychophysical development of preschool children.5. - Kid Info. Database of children's educational resources.
6. - pre-school education. Materials for teachers and parents for teaching and developing preschool children.
7. - Abvgdeyka for the geniuses. Collection of on-line materials for preschool education.

Pedagogy and methods of elementary education
1. - Abcteach: methodological materials for primary school. A collection of methodological materials for primary school teachers.
2. - On the didactic skills of a primary school teacher. Psychological aspects of managing the process of mastering knowledge and ways students work in the classroom.
3. - Primary school teacher. A collection of materials for teachers.
4. - A good road of childhood. All-Russian newspaper for children, teachers and parents.5. - AgA: search system of children's sites. Materials for children, parents and teachers.
6. - Children in the directory. Annotated links to network resources about children and for children.
7. - Children of the network. Children's information portal: a collection of articles on children's upbringing, education, health, etc.

Language and Literature
1. - A review of the literary life of Russia and the world.
2. - Russian language: current problems. Literature in school;
Russian: current problems.
3. - Reference and information portal GRAMOTA.
RU is the Russian language for all. A universal Internet project dedicated to the Russian language and addressed to everyone who knows it, learns and wants to learn, and most importantly - loves.4. - Russian Society of Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature. Description of the organization. Charter ROPRYAL. Provision on the regional representation of the RPRYAL. Scientific and methodical directions.
5. - Project on the Russian language and literature. About the purpose of the project:
help in mastering the norms of the modern Russian literary language.

Foreign languages
1. - INTERACTING: creative English teaching. Information and materials of the project in English: innovative creative solutions to the problems of learning English.
2. - Study and teaching of foreign languages. To all those who decided to study a foreign language independently or with a teacher, as well as young teachers of foreign languages.
3. - Information about various methods of teaching foreign languages.
4. - English language on-line. Online training system.
5. - The German language. Methodical coin box of the teacher of the German language.
6. - German as a foreign language. The site is dedicated to problems
teaching German as a foreign language.


1. - The whole of biology. Information portal on biology.

2. - Biology for school-in. Materials for studying biology in school.

3. - We study biology. Materials on all sections of biology.

4. - Biology: modern problems. Popular information about thecurrent problems of biological disciplines.

5. - Biology in motion. Collection of laboratory works andanime.

6. - Biology for the teacher. Interactive lessons, tests andlab.raboty.

7. - Biology: resource catalog. A collection of references to resources devoted to biological science.

8. - We study biology. Articles and links on general biology.
9. - Biology on the Internet. Selection of scientific and reference resources on biology.
10. http: //www.biodan.narod.m - BioDan. Biological news. The most interesting thing about biol.
11. - Everything for the biology teacher. The electronic version of the newspaper "Biology", a site for teachers.
1. - The world of chemistry. News, the most important information.
2. - Chemical news. Constantly updated information in the field of science.
3. - The Alchemist. Website for Chemistry.
4. - Three levels of training. Chemistry. Electronic textbook for chemists.
5. - The chemical portal. Catalog of Internet resources.
6. - ABC of Web search for chemists. A guide to finding chemical information on the Internet for beginners.7. - Experimental chemistry. Technique of chemical experiments.
8. - materials on chemistry for school-in and teachers. A sausage maker in chemistry. Entertaining experiments, classification and nomenclature of organ-them and inorganic substances.
9. - a chemical server. Full course of chemistry: theoretical foundations, inorganic and organic chemistry.

1. - An unknown world is the Earth.
2. - Geographic portal. Materials for the teacher of geography. Encyclopedia of geography on-line.
3. - WGEO: world geography. Statistical information on the countries of the world and parts of the world.
4. - Geographical site. Site for students, teachers.
5. - Methods of teaching geography. Materials for the teacher of geography.
6. - What's new: the site of the teacher of geography. Selection of materials of the teacher of geography.
7. - GEO: the geographical portal. Information about the countries of the world: economy, population, history, natural resources, state structure.
8. - The geo-cultural portal
9. - Geography. Geography of countries and continents.
History1. - Historic.Ru: world history. Library on the history of the world:materials on the epochs, civilizations, countries, etc.2. - Historical portal. Materials on history, archeology,ethnography, political science, history of world religions, alternative history, source study and historiography.3. - Chronos: world history. The World History. Chronological tables. 4. - I'm going to the history lesson. Materials of the newspaper "History".5. - World history. World history: chronology.6. - The World Ist. Project. Political structure of countries. 7. - World History. World history: a collection of links to Internet resources.8. - WorldHistory world east. General history.
1. - Numbernut: everything about math. Materials forstudying and teaching mathematics in school.2. - an amazing world of mathematics. A collection of books, video lectures, a selection of entertaining mathematical facts.3. - Higher mathematics. Selection of educational materials. 4. - Formulas for mathematics: a reference book. Formulas forgeometry, higher algebra. Search in alphabetical order.
5. - Mathematics in interactive examples. Plotting,
computing, solving, differentiating and integrating.6. - Geometric portal. Sections of geometry: axioms, theorems, proofs.
7. - Geometry. Theoretical information on geometry.
8. - Mathematics: the international library of electronic journals. World mathematical electronic journals with descriptions and references.

1. - Physical encyclopedia on-line. Contains information on all areas of modern physics. Elements of astrophysics, biophysics, physical chemistry, electronics, and mathematical physics are also presented.
2. - Metod-f. Website of the practitioner Physics.
3. - Optics. The educational server consists of sections: a tutorial; virtual laboratory; reference and information base.
4. - The Internet site of physics. A resource that will help the student, student, teacher, university teacher, scientist and just a person interested in PHYSICS, find the necessary information on the web.

Computer science
1. - Informatics: student portal. Documentation on programming, databases, use of software.
2. - Notebook of the teacher of informatics. References to the literature on informatics, official and normative documents.
3. - Portfolio of the teacher of informatics. The program of the basic course of informatics.
4. - Community of informs. About the project: addressed to informatics teachers.
5. - Informatics in the school. Materials on computer science for pupils and teachers.
6. - Portal for Theoretical Informatics. Slides of lectures and abstracts of lectures on theoretical computer science.
7. - Information technologies in education. Collection of materials on informatics and information technologies in education.

Finance and Economics
1. - Catalog of economic references.
2. - Fundamentals of Economics: Introductory Course. Materials for teaching economic theory.
3. - economics gallery. Collection of electronic materials on the history of economic thought.
4. - Economics, sociology, management. Educational and scientific centers for economics.
5. - Rosbusiness consulting. The site of economic and financial news.
6. - A collection of references on economics. A collection of references to economic resources.
7. - Library of economic and business literature. Virtual library, works of classics of economics and modern authors.
8. - Real economy: inf. Portal. Materials about the economy of Russia.
9. - For economy. Lectures on micro, macro and regional economics.

1. - Law expert: legal resource. Actual articles on the law, texts of codes, laws, etc.
2. - The United Nations. General information on the UN: goals, history, information about the UN system.
3. - Human Rights in Russia. Collection of materials on various human rights issues.
4. - The origin of the state and law. The organization of pre-state society, "military democracy", the transition to the state, the emergence of the ancient Eastern states.5. - Legal Russia. Normative documents, educational-methodical complexes.
6. - Juvenile justice in Russia: information portal. On the development tendencies of juvenile justice as a legal basis for social policy in relation to minors.


1. - Music portal of KZ-music. Here you will find all the necessary songs of Kazakhstan.

2. - Learn music. Program to support musical education.

3. - Music life.

4. - General information about the genre of musical theater.

5. - Classical music: MP3 archive. Works of popular classical composers in MP3 format.

6. - Academic music: reference catalog. Systematizeda catalog of references on classical music.

7. - Musical Instruments. Surveys of the main groups of musical instruments.

8. - Music in the school. Materials are devoted to music education and music lessons.

9. - "7 notes". Notation archive.


1. - Art-catalog: painting and graphics. Virtual reproductions of works of fine art with a description.

2. - ArtSource. Collection of links to Internet resources on art.

3. - Arts gallery: art gallery on-line. Thematic digital collections. Information about new receipts. Review of art news.

4. - Collection: world art culture. Collection of annotated references: painting, graphics, architecture, etc. for high school.

5. - Programs and techniques for fine arts. Presented are programs and techniques (exercises and tasks), which are the basis for teaching art objects.

6. - Art school: journal. For artists, teachers and art lovers.

Physical Culture and sport
1. - Information technologies of teaching in the teaching of physical culture. Thematic article about the role of physical culture in the life of society and the specificity of teaching the academic discipline "Physical Culture at School". Illumination of training complexes and methods of their application.

2. - Sports in school: a newspaper. Materials of numbers: illumination of methodical questions, improvement of professional skill, etc. Archive since 1999.

3. - Physical education in school. Methodical materials for teachers. Articles about safety, encyclopedia and other information about the Olympic movement. 4. - Youth and children's sports: portal. Review of sports schools and sports societies. Sports news, coverage of events.