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2-9 April 2013 the Department of the organization of scientific work and international relations for the first time held a competition of student research works for the award of the rector ArkSPI.

On the 2nd round of high school came from the departments 20 research projects in the humanitarian, technical and natural-science directions.

Competition Commission, having considered the incoming work, identified 3 prize winners in all categories (1 - Place: 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology Yunusova Camila , 2 - Place: 3rd year students of the Faculty of History and art Tatieva Parizod, Keulіmzhay , 3rd place: 3rd year student of the Faculty of Science and Information Ahatova Symbat .

Competition of student's scientific works on an award of rector ArkSPI is declared annual, the status of the traditional is planned.


the competition for the award of the Rector ArkSPI for the best scientific work of students

  1. General Provisions

 1.1. The competition for the award of the Rector ArkSPI for students for the best scientific work (hereinafter - the tender) is held annually in the development of research students (hereinafter - SRWS), the creation of organizational and material conditions for the disclosure of creativity, the development of students' research skills, selecting the best scientific works to participate in the Republican contest for the best scientific work of students conducted MES.

1.2. This Regulation defines the organization and conduct of the contest, and how students participate in the contest and determine the winners.

  1.3. Organizational and information support department carries out the competition of research and the MS under the direction of Vice-Rector of Research and International Relations.

  1.4. The current arrangements for the conduct of the contest is carried faculties, departments.

  1.5. The competition is held in the following categories:

Physics and mathematics

Computers and Information Technology



  Philology (including literature, linguistics)

  Natural-science (biology, chemistry, geography)

  History, law.

 1.6. Submitted to the contest itself made ​​complete scientific work of students and student groups ArkSPI (no more than 3 people).

1.7 . Students of 2-4 courses can take part in competition.


2. The order of competition

  2.1. The competition is announced by the Rector in all faculties and departments.

  2.2. The competition is held annually in the month of April and is held in two rounds:

Round I - Cathedral, the deadline for - April 2 this year

II tour-Institute, the deadline for - April 9 this year.

  2.3. For a tour of the cathedral in the faculties and departments are competitive commission headed by the chairman of the relevant categories of the competition. The jury approved by order of the dean of the faculty.

 2.4. Work submitted to the competition, imprinted on your computer through a half intervals in Times New Roman 14, of no more than 45 A4 pages including bibliography, applications are not considered.

2.5 . For carrying out all-institute round by the order of the rector the contest committee headed by the vice rector of  scientific work and the international communication.


The structural elements of the competitive research are:

  Cover Sheet (Appendix 1)

  contents (plan)


  the main part (may consist of chapters, paragraphs or sections)

  conclusion (Conclusions and suggestions)

  a list of references

  application (if available).

By the competitive scientific work must be attached:

  abstract scientific work (Appendix № 2);

  Review of the supervisor of the student (student body) in any form of the degree of independence of the scientific work performed and the contribution of each of the students, if the student's work was a team;

  information about the student (student, if the scientific work was student body and its (their) academic advisor)

(application number 3);

  information about the scientific work (application number 4).

  By the competitive scientific work might come acts of implementing the results of scientific work and scientific articles.

2.5. Research works  presented in violation of these requirements may be rejected from the competition .

 2.6. Competition Commission for each of the categories assessed student work on a five-point scale on the following criteria:

 2.6.1 . Background research (measurement of the importance of working to solve a specific problem).

 2.6.2 . Scientific novelty and originality of formulating and solving the problem.

 2.6.3 . Style and grammatical level work.

 2.6.4 . The creative nature of the work , self-reliance approach to research .

 2.6.5 . Scientific and practical significance of the work (publications on the subject of research; validation study results at scientific conferences , seminars ) .

2.7. The results of the tender commission in the protocol signed by the chairman and members of the competition committee (Annex 5). Competition Commission on the final amount of points determine a winner ( 1st place) and two winners (2nd and 3rd place). An equal number of points chairman has a casting vote . Competition Commission for each of the categories in the competition determines the best work , which will focus on the Republican contest for the best scientific work of university students conducted by the MES.

2.8. Minutes of tender committees , together with the works of the winners are transferred to the Department of SRWIC .

2.9. Vice-rector of scientific work and international communication based protocols  on competitive commissions summarizes the results of the first round of the competition , according to the participants of the JINR -round contest .

2.10 . Vice-Rector of SRW based on the protocols of the competition committee summarizes the results of the second round of the competition and submits them for approval of the Academic Council of the Institute , together with the final report on the competition.

3 . Encouragement of winners

3.1 . On the basis of the solution of the Academic council the order of the rector winners (1 place) and prize-winners (2nd  and the 3rd  place) and their research supervisors are awarded by diplomas and a single monetary award.  Rewarding takes place in a festive atmosphere on annual Tulegenov readings (April).

3.2 . After summing up Competition and rewarding of his winners information on results of Competition takes place on an institute site.

3.3. Best competitive research works recommended by competitive commissions are sent to the Department of SRWIC  national contest of scientific works of university students conducted by the MES .

4 . Material security of competition

4.1 . Financing of carrying out competition is carried out according to the estimate from extrabudgetary funds of institute.

5 . Validity period

5.1. This Regulation shall enter into force upon its approval by the Rector ArkSPI and is valid before making any changes to it or cancel it.


6. distribution

6.1. This provision is subject to mandatory delivery, which provides the Office of the departments of the given list as per below:

deans of faculties;

heads of departments;

Chairman of Council of Young Scientists  and Student Scientific Society

6.2. This provision is available on the website ArkSPI.

7. Changes and additions

7.1. Changes and additions to the present Regulation shall be effected by the provisions in the draft of the new edition of Vice Rector of Research and International Relations.

8. Registration and storage

8.1. Regulations of the Contest is registered in the office of the Institute. The original of this position is kept in the office until  replace it with a new one. A certified copy of the Regulations is stored in the organizational documents of the department SRWIC..



Appendix 1

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin


________________________ Department (Department)


  Occupation: ____________________________


Competitive research work


on the theme:



Work performed:

__ Student course

Name and Surname


Degrees Held

Name and Surname

Arkalyk,  year


Appendix number 2



1. name

2. higher education institute (full name)

3. Year of completion of scientific work

4. Scope of Work: ____s.

5. Number of applications: from _____.

6. Number of illustrations: _____ units.

7. Number of tables: _____ units.

8. Number of sources of literature: _____ units.

Characteristics of work:

1. The purpose of scientific work:

2. The methods of the research:

3. The main results of scientific research (scientific and practical)

4. A document on the use of research results (yes, no):


Student (Signature) Name


The application number 3


about the student (student, if the student team work is done)

and its (their) academic advisor

STUDENT (student if SCIENTIFIC WORK DONE student groups)

1. surname

2. Name (in full)

3. Name (in full)

4. course

Scientific Advisers

1. surname

2. Name (in full)

3. Name (in full)

4. Place of work (in full)

5. position

6. degree

7. academic title


Scientific advisor (signature) Name

Student (Signature) Name


Appendix No. 4


about scientific work

1  .  Name of scientific work

2 . The nomination in which work is represented

3  .  Work classification (fundamental, search, applied, methodical)

4 . Type of work (educational, nonlearning)

5  .  Possibility of introduction (yes/no)

6  .  Possibility of publication (yes/no)

7  .  Keywords.

8. List of published abstracts and articles on the subject of research with complete bibliographic description.

9. The list of scientific events (conferences, seminars), which presented the results of research on the topic of the competition with an indication of the result (diploma, certificate).


Scientific advisor (signature) Name

Student (Signature) Name





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