Code of honor of the student.

• A student strives to become a worthy citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a professional in a chosen specialty, develop in himself the best qualities of a creative personality. 

• The student respects the elders, does not allow rudeness towards others, and shows sympathy for socially unprotected people and takes care of them as far as possible. 

• A student is an example of decency, culture and morality, intolerant of manifestations of immorality and does not allow manifestations of discrimination on the basis of gender, nationality or religion.

• The student leads a healthy lifestyle and completely abandons bad habits.• The student respects the traditions of the university, protects his property, monitors the cleanliness and order in the Students' House.

• The student recognizes that any activity aimed at developing creative activity (scientific, educational, sports, artistic, etc.) is necessary and useful, to enhance the corporate culture and image of the university.

• Outside the walls, the student always remembers that he is a representative of a higher school and makes every effort not to drop his honor and dignity..

• The student considers it his duty to fight all kinds of academic dishonesty, including: copying and referring to others for assistance in passing knowledge control procedures; Presentation of any volume of ready-made teaching materials (abstracts, course, control, diploma and other papers), including Internet resources, as the results of one's own work; use of related or official links to get a higher score; absenteeism, tardiness and skipping school classes without a good reason

.• A student considers all the listed types of academic dishonesty as incompatible with obtaining a quality and competitive education worthy of the future economic, political and administrative elite of Kazakhstan.


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