Forms of own diplomas

According to Article 39 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" from 2021, higher educational institutions licensed to carry out educational activities in educational programs of higher and postgraduate education will issue their own education documents. The types of education documents of their own type are: a higher education diploma with the award of a bachelor's degree.
The basis for the issuance of documents of their own sample is the decision of the certification commission, which testifies to the passage of the final certification by the students and confirms that they have mastered the corresponding level of education in full.
The content of the diploma and supplements of Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin includes:
1) the name of the Institute;
2) surname, name, patronymic of the graduate;
3) the code and name of the educational program;
4) the awarded degree;
5) the date and number of the minutes of the meeting of the attestation commission on the award of the degree;
6) the form of education;
7) signature of the Chairman of the Management Board - Rector;
8) serial registration number;
9) date and place of issue;
10) the seal of the institute;
11) number and QR code of the graduate diploma.

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