Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

1. To develop a procedure for updating the strategic documents for the development of accredited EPs.
2. To continue the practice of assessing the development risks of EP.
3. To consider the possibility of introducing dual training in the experimental mode.
4. To continue the practice of involving specialists in the work to determine the impact of disciplines and professional practices on the formation of learning outcomes.
5. To develop a trilingual education, consider the possibility of creating conditions for students to choose the language of studying individual modules regardless of the language of instruction.
6. To consider the possibility of developing joint educational programs in the areas of training "Physics", "Computer Science", "Mathematics" with foreign educational organizations.
7. To actualize the development of criteria for the evaluation of all types of educational work for students (practice, laboratory work, all types of independent work of students, etc.).
8. To continue work on establishing feedback on the use of various teaching methods and evaluation of learning outcomes on a systematic basis, which is understandable to all participants in the educational process.
9. To develop a program to implement internal and external academic mobility of students.
10. To support gifted students on a systematic basis, create a database of gifted students.
11. To contribute to informing TS on the possibilities of incoming and outgoing academic mobility.
12. To develop a rating system for assessing the performance of TS (based on KPI), which will result in decisions on rewarding and rewarding.
13. To consider the possibility of conducting practical and laboratory classes on the basis of schools.
14. To organize work on the examination of the results of research, final works on plagiarism.
15. To provide in the development plan for accredited EP the purchase of equipment, software similar to those used in modern schools (in particular, to plan the acquisition of laboratory equipment for physics, which is used in modern physics classrooms).
16. In order to prepare future teachers for work in the context of the updated content of education, to continue the practice of involving school teachers in teaching within the framework of the EP.

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