Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

Analysis on the recommendation and comments of specialized accreditation
educationalprogramme of the specialty 5В011700 "Kazakh language and literature"



Corrective actions

Standard 2 – content of the educational program

In educational programs to include elective subjects that reflect the specifics of the specialty and regional component, as well as received references or testimonials from employers

In the modular curriculum from 2015. includes the following elective subjects: "Comparative typology of Russian and Kazakh languages", "Comparative grammar of Russian and Kazakh languages", "Competence-activity approach to the teaching of the Russian language in schools with non-Russian language learning", "Communicative-cognitive technology of forming the secondary linguistic personality in the process of learning Russian as a foreign language" (Author of elective courses: Koldasbaeva Z. Sh., candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor)

Standard 5 – Faculty

Staff of the Department should strengthen work on the development of manuals, textbooks, methodical recommendations, programs copyright, aimed at ensuring a high level of educational process on the program.

Training and reference manual "Kazakh-Russian-English, Russian-Kazakh-English, English-Kazakh-Russian Glossary of educational and legal terms and concepts".

Compilers: Bermagambet R. E., Ibrahim A. E., Saparbek B.K.

With the aim of training and professional development of teachers in the Department must schedule the training at the Republican Institute of advanced training "ORLEU" (Almaty) or in the "Nazarbayev University"

In 2015, senior lecturer, Abdrashitov R. A. passed training courses at the center of "Orleu", Almaty, also in Astana, she took courses in AEO "Nazarbayev intellectual schools" MTC

To consider the issues of stimulation of publications of teachers implementing an educational program, in journals recommended by the WAC and journals with impact factor

 Publish article of senior lecturer, master Ibrahim A. E. "Some structural and grammatical features of the hydronyms of the Kostanay region"

ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05 (25): 169-172. Soi:*05(25)32 Doi:, France)


Based on the results of specialized accreditation of educational programs 5B011700 – Kazakh language and literature, 5B012100 - Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction, the following work was CARRIED out on the basis of proposals to improve the quality of educational programs:

According to the standard " educational program Management»

In order to consider the possibility of including author's courses in the catalog of elective disciplines, taking into account the sufficient level of research work, the CAD OP "Kazakh language and literature" for admission in 2018 "Torgay poetry school"; for admission in 2019, 2020 the disciplines "Kazakh literary personality studies", "Literary personality studies" are included»

«Information management and reporting standard»

In the continuation of experience in providing evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the OP takes into account the recommendations of employers in the implementation of elective courses in the content OP the Kazakh language and literture (letter of recommendation of the Association of public and humanitarian disciplines of the school №6 im. Abaya kunanbayeva March, 2019; February, 2020)
Third – year Students uralbayeva Danara, Arun Raushan, Seitkulova Fariza took part in the XII Republican online subject Olympiad on the subject "Kazakh language and literature" among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the educational program 6B01701 - "Kazakh language and literature".

Standard "Continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of educational programs»

In the direction of continuing the practice of attracting employers (schools in Arkalyk), monitoring the OP, master classes were held with teachers of the Kazakh language and literature of school No. 4 (November, 2019);
the meeting of the Department was attended by the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of school No. 4 badayeva M. K., the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of school No. 6. Abaya kunanbayeva Shamshina G. sh, after reviewing the content of the OP, expressed their opinion on the organization of the educational process in the conditions of the updated content of secondary education (December, 2019).
At the meeting of the Association of social and humanitarian subjects of school No. 6. Abay Kunanbayev was present at the meeting. the Department, Ph. D. Rakhmetova B. A., senior teacher Shakirova K. M., after analyzing the content of the OP, based on the recommendations of subject teachers, subjects on the content of the OP were introduced in 2020 (January, 2020).

Standard "Educational resources and student support systems»

In the sections of disciplines of the OP of the Kazakh language and literature among the information structures, AIS is updated with educational and methodological documents "Platonus". In the disciplines of OP (with presentation materials, audio materials, lecture notes, scientific works of teaching staff, current educational literature, etc.)

Standards in the context of individual specialties

As shown in the op "Kazakh language and literature", the school teacher co-authored the following works on the introduction of various forms of practice in the implementation of the educational process:
In the second half of the 2018-2019 school year, senior teacher, A. A. Abdullina, teacher of Kazakh language and literature of secondary school. K. Zharmagambetova of Zhangeldy district of Kostanay region D. A. Abdullin "Jazba IMIS trler" (textbook); "Syntax lemne Sayakhat" (textbook);
In the first half of the 2019-2020 academic year, senior lecturer, master Aidarova G. K., teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of the gymnasium. I. Altynsarina Konyrshina E. S. " types of work with artistic text in Grades 5-7 "( optional course posobie);
In the second half of the 2019-2020 academic year, senior teacher, master G. M. Shakirova together with teachers of the Kazakh language and literature of the gymnasium named after I. Altynsarin Aliaskarova M. K., Baisheva A. A. "Kyzykty morphology" (educational and methodological guide for the optional course).

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