Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

 Analysis of the passage of national and international accreditation of the educational program 

5B010800 "Physical education and sport»

1.Training of competitive personnel. Improvement of EE through the introduction of modern educational technologies and methods in the educational process. Training of faculty. The use of interactive teaching methods and the introduction of innovative technologies of physical culture and health.
2. Improving the quality of staffing of the PPP. Professional development of teaching staff to work in new conditions (remote technologies, etc.) b.). JSC "NCPC " Orleu", tspm NIS with advanced training PPS, RSE " national scientific and practical center of physical culture"
3. Scientific and innovative activity in development of UO Activation of scientific research at the Department. Publication of research results in journals and conference proceedings. Formation of the leading scientific school of teaching staff.
4.Participation in competitions on grant research and projects. Increase in the number of grant research within the grant funding of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
5. Publication of scientific and methodological recommendations of the Department, including electronic. Development and publication of educational guidelines and recommendations, electronic guidance on disciplines.

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