Description of the EP

«6В01511 – Geopraphy and history»

Purpose: training of professionally qualified teachers of geography and history with modern subject, communicative, digital competencies competitive in the modern labor market.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- conducts a psychological and pedagogical analysis of the educational and educational process, organizes the educational process based on national ideas and heritage;
- applies effective teaching and learning based on modern teaching methods, technologies of criterion assessment, distinguishes educational and program documents, conducts a reflexive analysis of pedagogical activity, pedagogically competently carries out communication in a professional environment;
- uses the basics of pedagogical and psychological skills, forms a healthy, favorable and safe environment in accordance with the age characteristics of students in the organization of the educational process and educational work in the classroom, ecologically competently assesses human interaction with the environment;
- critically chooses the ways of organizing and research in experimental and project activities, the formation and development of the scientific worldview of students;
- uses theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of anti-corruption culture and the basics of entrepreneurship in a professional environment.

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