Description of the EP

«6В01701 – Kazakh language and literature»

Purpose: training of a competent teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in the organization of the educational process in the educational space.
Objective: to provide high-quality professional training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature in accordance with the social order of society.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- critically studies the basic theory of the fields of linguistics and literary studies;
- uses the basic laws of linguistics and literary studies in the professional sphere;
- is able to organize communication at the business and practical level in Kazakh, Russian;
- owns teaching methods in accordance with the modern education system, demonstrates professional skills in inclusive education and applies criteria-based assessment;
- applies theoretical and practical fundamentals of ecology and life safety in the professional sphere;
- uses digital educational resources in the field of professional activity;
- solves professionally oriented communicative tasks based on the formation of a research culture and academic writing skills in order to increase academic achievements;
- critically uses in communication the theoretical foundations of psychology and pedagogy and the spiritual values of the great steppe, taking into account the physiological age characteristics of students, plans educational work.

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