Description of the EP

«6В01202 – Preschool teacher and psychologist»

Purpose: training of a preschool educator who has and possesses the competencies of a teacher-psychologist, who is able to carry out, in addition to the main labor functions of the educator, the functions of psychoprophylactic, psychodiagnostic, correctional and psychoconsultative activities and meet the requirements of the modern labor market.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- organizes professional and pedagogical and psychological activities in preschool organizations from a scientific and theoretical position, owns the principles and culture of academic honesty;
- plans educational activities in the educational fields of "health", "Communication", "cognition", "creativity", "Society", applies in practice the acquired knowledge and professional skills in theoretical and methodological disciplines;
- is able to systematically analyze the anatomical and physiological characteristics of children and performs professional functions in the field of inclusive education;
- conducts corrective work with children of preschool age, provides psychological support for children in the course of adaptation to the conditions of a preschool organization;
- takes into account the trends in the development of the education system, knows the regulatory documents in the field of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has theoretical knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and effectively uses them in the professional sphere;
- actively uses information and communication technologies, digital educational resources, interactive teaching methods;
- taking into account the individual characteristics of the pupils and using the theoretical foundations of psychology and pedagogy, establishes humane relations with parents and plans educational work;
- determines the importance of Ecology in the modern world, adheres to the basic principles of Environmental Protection and studies approaches to the formation of cultural skills of preschool children, using various games in accordance with age characteristics;
- organizes types of psychological activities based on the personal development of pupils and conducts research work in the professional field.

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