Description of the EP

«6В01506 – Geopraphy»

Purpose: training of professionally qualified geography teachers with modern subject, communicative, digital competencies competitive in the modern labor market.
- formation of fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of chemical and biological sciences necessary in professional activity;
- training of teachers competent in understanding the goals and objectives of chemical and biological education, professionally qualified and capable of high personal achievements;
- education of future teachers of chemistry and biology, broadcasting innovative pedagogical ideas.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- applies in practice effective teaching and learning based on modern teaching methods, technologies of criterion assessment, distinguishes educational and program documents, conducts a reflexive analysis of pedagogical activity, pedagogically competently communicates in a professional environment;
- conducts psychological and pedagogical analysis of the educational and educational process, organizes the educational process based on national ideas and heritage;
- forms a healthy, favorable and safe educational environment in accordance with age characteristics, ecologically competently assesses human interaction with the environment;
- critically selects the ways of organization and research in experimental and project activities, the formation and development of the scientific worldview of students.

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