Description of the EP

«6В01502 – Physics»

Purpose: training a qualified teacher of physics, competent in the subject area and in the organization of the educational process in the context of the updated content of secondary education.
Learning outcomes for the educational program:
The graduate after the successful completion of the educational program:
- knows the laws of general, theoretical physics, the nature of celestial bodies, knows how to analyze phenomena and processes;
- has the skills to work with laboratory equipment, calculate work results, solve physical problems, perform mathematical calculations;
- fluent in teaching methods, criteria-based assessment in the context of the updated content of secondary education, the system of inclusive education;
- demonstrates the skills of using digital educational resources, computer modeling, analysis of microprocessor systems, speaks programming languages;
- knows the legal framework of secondary education and the trends of the national policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education;
- applies the theoretical foundations of psychology and pedagogy in working with parents, taking into account the age characteristics of students, knows how to plan educational work;
- knows how to conduct research work in the professional field;
- owns the necessary level of professional language communication.

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