Educational and Research Laboratory

The educational and scientific laboratory base of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography provides the formation of skills and abilities of students in accordance with the State Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by order No. 604 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from October 31, 2018. The department has six specialized educational laboratories for educational programs 6В01504-Chemistry, 6В01505-Biology, 6В01510-Chemistry-Biology, 6В01512-Biology-Geography. Educational laboratories are equipped with the appropriate equipment to conduct quality educational process.

Laboratory of Inorganic, Analytical, Physical and Colloidal Chemistry (auditorium 503). The laboratory is intended for laboratory work related to the qualitative reaction to cations and anions, titration, quantitative and thermochemical, thermal analyzes, preparation of buffer solutions, determination of total hardness, alkalinity, research for the presence of chlorides, sulfate ions, etc. The laboratory is equipped with fume hoods, laboratory tables, and there are devices such as a muffle furnace, technical scales, desiccator, electronic scales, photometer, centrifuge, aerometer, pH meter, drying cabinet, distiller, ЗОМЗ КФК-3-01 photometer and etc.


Laboratory of Chemical technology, Organic and Biological chemistry (auditorium 531). Solutions of various concentrations can be obtained in order to study the increase in the rate of chemical reactions, solutions of organic substances and to investigate the properties of chemicals, as well as to study high-molecular compounds and their properties in this laboratory. The laboratory has magnetic stirrers, photometer, ionomer, gas meter, current rectifier, device for determining the conductivity of solutions, electronic scales and etc.


Botany laboratory (auditorium 403). This laboratory is designed for laboratory and practical work in the disciplines «Plant Biology», «Human Anatomy and Fundamentals of Physiology» and «Biological Ecology and Diversity». Students have the opportunity to study and research the anatomical, morphological and physiological characteristics of plants, determine the taxonomy and habitat, methods of distribution and interaction with the environment using digital microscopes, ready-made wet preparations, more than 300 types of herbaria, textbooks, various collections of seeds and fruits, illustrative materials, bas-relief posters and models.

Zoology laboratory (auditorium 504). The laboratory is used in teaching the disciplines «Animal Biology», «Human Anatomy and Fundamentals of Physiology» and «Methods of Teaching Biological Disciplines». Both the zoological preparations and the digital laboratory available in the laboratory make it possible to carry out such research and laboratory work as the collection of invertebrates, microscopic cuttings of individual parts of the body of animals, the influence of abiotic factors on the species composition of macro- and microzoobenthos, on the embryonic and postembryonic development of amphibians and etc. Students study the structure of the skeleton, bones, muscles, digestion, respiration and other systems of living organisms, and also get the skills to work not only with ready-made micropreparations, but also participate directly in their preparation under the guidance of teacher in this classroom.


Laboratory of Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology (auditorium 507). Laboratory equipment such as biological dynamometer, blood glucose meter, microscope, Goryaev camera, various types of skeletons, ready-made preparations, bas-relief posters, dummies and models contribute to the quality teaching of such disciplines as «Human Anatomy» and «Human and Animal Physiology». Students study the structure of the human body, its individual development (ontogeny), phylogenesis, the influence of external factors on the body, the physiological functions of human organ systems, the conditions for its adaptation, the mechanisms of functioning of the endocrine glands, as well as the mechanisms of hormonal regulation of the human body.


Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology (room 530). The laboratory provides laboratory and experimental research in the field of microbiology and biotechnology. Dry-air thermostat, water bath, drying cabinet, sterile box for microbiological cultures, equipped with bactericidal lamps, autoclave, digital trinocular microscope and other equipment necessary for the qualitative study of such disciplines as «Microbiology», «Molecular biology» and «Biotechnology». This laboratory is intended for the formation and consolidation of skills and abilities to work with such devices as thermostat, autoclave, etc.


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