List of used hardware and software

The composition of the educational programs "6B01506 - Geography",  "6B01511 - Geography and History" in order to improve the quality of teaching subjects in the educational process, the following computer programs are used: Wordwall,, Google Maps, Google Planeta,,, QGIS, ArcGIS, CapCut, Cam Studio, FreeMake video, Quis FreeMaker, iSpring Free, Zoom, Kahoot, Quizizz, GoogleDocs, etc.


Students will work with web platforms and digital technologies to do hands-on, hands-on work. In addition, computer classes, training rooms, media rooms equipped with modern digital GIS technologies for laboratory work and scientific research were offered.
The Institute's media center presents the following educational and documentary films:

Group of educational programs

Educational and documentary titles

B016-Geography teacher training

Journey to the center of the earth

Atlas: South Africa

BBC: Global warming

Films about the nature of Kazakhstan

living planet

Ocean Odysseus_

Giant eruption - the greatest mystery and unsolved mystery

Peace of mind

Great geographical discoveries.

Adventures of water drops

Journey to the center of the earth

Nature's lightning strikes back



6 7 8
Creation of an electronic geographic map using GIS technologies based on digital geography


Supervisor: Senior Lecturer, Master Kalkashev Sagyngali Gabiziyatovich

Equipping with computer programs for the development of digital competence of students


Name of the device

Name of the discipline


Geography Digital Lab

Geoecology, Fundamentals of soil science and soil geography, Bioresources of Kazakhstan, Geoecology and environmental protection, Fundamentals of climatology, meteorology and climatology

Conducting geographic research using instrumental methods in the field of environmental monitoring. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary sensors for practical and research work in geography. The following geographic surveys and environmental parameters are measured: atmospheric monitoring (temperature, acoustic pollution, atmospheric oxygen concentration, poisonous gas); monitoring of the aquatic environment (temperature, acidity, concentration of nitrate ions sensors); precipitation monitoring (acidity, nitrate ion concentration sensors) Soil monitoring (soil preparation, soil extraction, acidity sensors, nitrate ion concentration). Laboratory sensors are privately connected to a computer. Software included. The laboratory offers excellent opportunities for research and design work.

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