Public reception

In order to implement the basic principles of the concept of the "Listening State", to coordinate the implementation of projects within the framework of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a Public reception is working within the walls of the Institute.

The main focus of this organization is to strengthen ties with students, staff, society. Employees and students of the institute can contact the Public Reception in case of certain questions in the course of organizing educational, working processes. Appeals can be submitted both in writing, orally, and in the form of an audio or video message.

The public reception is located on Auelbekov Street, 17, on the 1st floor of the educational building No. 1.

Contact person: Batyrova Zulfiya Nikolayevna – head of the center for social affairs and youth policy.

Address: 110300, Arkalyk, Auelbekov Street, 17, cabinet No. 229.

Phone number: 8 (71430) 7-24-88, internal number – 136.

Cell phone:+77014055433.

Address: 110300, Auelbekova str.17, Arkalyk
Tel: 8-71430-7-24-88
Fax: 8-71430-7-01-87
Selection committee: 8-71430-7-11-57
Call center: +77143049502