Scientific directions

Scientific topic of the Department:
Scientific topic of the Department: "Formation of research competence of students in teaching mathematics and physics".

1. To increase publication activity PPS x journals recommended KKSON MES 15% ;
2. 15 to develop scientific –methodical manuals on scientific subjects individualnyi PPP;
3. publish in foreign publications 3 scientific articles in publications with the presence of the impact factor ; 4. To provide 30% of the students research work (excluding thesis work).
The main scientific direction of the faculty:
1. Ph. D., associate Professor, Professor A.U. Umbetov-development of students ' competence in teaching physics.
2. Senior lecturer, master's Degree S. B. Zhumabayeva - to develop students ' social research competence using new technologies in teaching astronomy.
3. Senior lecturer, master M. S. Kozhakhmet - innovative social policy with the teaching of the development of research competence physics.
4. Senior lecturer, master M. T. Abdrakhmanova - Formation of professional competence of students in solving applied problems.
5. senior lecturer B. Z. Uzakova - development of students ' competence through the use of new technologies.
6. Senior lecturer, master A. K. Tulegenova - Formation of professional Competence of students through the development of new technologies of the education system.
7. Senior lecturer, master G. Sabitbekova - formation of communication competence in solving mathematical problems.
8. Senior teacher, master A. A. Aubakirova - physics lessons using new approaches to education, professional competence.
9. teacher, master V. Zh. Uspanova - Ways of forming students ' competence in practical classes of the course of General physics research in education.
10. Teacher, master S. A Absadyk - Formation of research competence of students in solving problems in mathematics



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