Department of History of Kazakhstan, fundamentals of law and economics


Kanenova Gulzhikhan Tuleubaevna
Acting Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, fundamentals of Law and Economics

Tel.: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, ext: 128
The department is located in the main building of ArkPI, 4-floor, room №432

Objectives of the Department
1. Create the necessary conditions for education aimed at the formation, development and professional development of the person on the basis of national and universal values of science and practice.
2. Preparation of highly qualified specialists.
3. Improvement of research in the department, increasing the percentage of faculty with advanced degrees.

Teaching staff
1 - Academic Associate Professor (including 1 Candidate of Sciences (PhD);
12 - Senior Lecturer (including 1 academic associate professor. 12 Master of Science);
1 - Lecturer (including 1 Master of Science).
1- Laboratory assistant

Kollective 2

Brief historical background

The department "History of Kazakhstan, fundamentals of law and economics" takes its history from the date of foundation of the institute in 1972. At that time, the department operated as part of the philological faculty. Since 1992, students began training in the specialty "History", and since 1996, students have been admitted to the specialty "Fundamentals of Law and Economics". In 2003, there is a division into two departments - "History and Social Disciplines" and "Economics and Law". In 1998, the Faculty of History and Economics began its independent existence. Since the 2011 academic year, the two departments have been merging, which was the reason for the emergence of the Department of History, Law and Social Disciplines. Since the beginning of 2013, the department was renamed to the department "History of Kazakhstan, fundamentals of law and economics"


Address: 110300, Auelbekova str.17, Arkalyk
Tel: 8-71430-7-24-88
Selection committee: 8-71430-7-11-57
Call center: +77143049502