Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

                                                 In order to further develop and improve the Institute's activities for the implementation of accredited EP based on the findings of the Report on the results of the work of the EEC, IAAR recommends:
1) Under the Standard "Management of the educational program":
- noting a sufficient level of SRW, we recommend considering the possibility of including in the Catalog of elective disciplines of author's courses developed on the basis of the results of PTS studies of accredited cluster programs;
- continue the practice of organizing courses on management of education and student-centered training for managers of the EP.
2)Under the Standard "Information Management and Reporting":
- continue the practice of ensuring the evaluation of the effectiveness and effectiveness of its activities in the context of the implemented EP.
3) Under the Standard "Development and approval of the educational program":
- to consider the possibility of creating additional educational trajectories within the framework of the above-mentioned EP;
- update the document regulating the formation of the EMCD EP;
- consider the possibility of developing joint educational programs with foreign educational organizations.
4) Under the Standard "Continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of EP"
- continue the practice of attracting key employers (schools in Arkalyk) to monitoring educational programs;
- expand the Catalog of elective disciplines by including educational subjects, the mastering of which will contribute to the formation of additional professionally significant and interdisciplinary competencies.
5) Under the Standard "Student-centered teaching, teaching and assessment of academic performance":
- taking into account the specifics of pedagogical professional activity, to provide for the possibility of a comprehensive evaluation of learning outcomes through the implementation of integrated / intersubject projects;
- monitor the use of various methods of training and knowledge control;
- to develop a comprehensive program for the upgrading of qualifications of PTS accredited by the EP in the context of student-centered teaching.
6) Under the Standard "Learners":
- consider the possibility of facilitating the external and internal mobility of students, receiving external educational grants; regularly conduct explanatory work and provide information support for academic mobility programs, including organizing mailings;
- to attract trainees accredited to the EP to the activities of the media center of the Institute as volunteers.
7) Under the Standard "Teaching Staff":
- develop criteria for a differentiated approach to assessing the performance of PTS, consider the possibility of introducing KPI;
- inform the PTS about the possibility of participating in scientific projects;
- consider the possibility of attracting prominent domestic and foreign scientists to implement the EP, including in virtual mode;
- develop a program for the development of academic mobility of PTS.
8) Under the Standard "Educational Resources and Systems for Student Support":
- continue the work on filling the AIS "Platonus" with educational and methodological documentation in the context of the disciplines of the EP, including structured information (presentation materials, video materials, synopses of lectures, scientific works of PTS, current educational literature, etc.);
- to develop a mechanism for a systematic verification of the results of SRW, diploma works on plagiarism.
9) Under the Standard "Public Awareness":
- strengthen the work on creating individual pages of the PTS and ensuring their accessibility to any interested persons on Internet resources in the context of personalities.
10) Under the Standard "Standards in the context of individual specialties":
- to use various forms of involving practitioners in the implementation of the educational process for the specified EP.

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