Harmonisation of the content of educational programs with the educational programs of the leading Kazakh universities

Harmonization of the content of the educational program of the Department of physics and mathematics and educational programs of other universities in Kazakhstan

The content of educational programs of 5B012600-Mathematics-Physics and 5B012800-Physics-computer Science specialties meets the needs of the labor market and employers.
In order to improve the quality of educational programs in mathematics - physics and physics-computer science, a comparative analysis of the content of educational programs of other universities in Kazakhstan is carried out.
The correspondence of educational programs of the specialty 5B012600-Mathematics-Physics and 5B012800-Physics-computer Science with educational programs of the Kokshetau state University named after A. Baitursynov is considered. This UNIVERSITY was developed according to educational programs based on a single standard program (order of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 270 dated 12.06.2017). During the analysis, there were few differences in these programs. The difference is the same only in the names of the items of choice, and the internal content is the same.






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