Report on the chairs interaction activity with educational and others authorities

    As part of the agreement concluded between Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named at Y.Altynsarin and Eurasian National University named at L.Gumilev  in  2010   teachers of the department of pedagogy and psychology, working with the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology and self-knowledge. In the framework of cooperation in 2010, it has been prepared and issued the textbook "History of Education and Pedagogical Science of Kazakhstan» (ISBN 9965567743) in Russian and Kazakh languages, whose authors are Kalkeeva Kamariyash Rayhanovna, Akhmetova Pernekul Alimovna, Bizhanova Ghalia Koyanbaevna, Layykovna  Asel Alkuatova In 2016, this work has been converted into an electronic textbook (ISBN 9786017892142)


In April 2016 she was invited to give a lecture on ethnopedagogics Doctor of Pedagogy Department of Social Pedagogy and self-knowledge Kertaeva Galiyabanu Mahmetovna.


Galiyabanu 2

     The visit of a foreign Professor Jan Danek

    In the framework of the invitation of leading foreign scientists, implemented by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the period 21-29 October 2016 on the basis of Arkgpi im.And.Meeting with Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Prof. PaedDr. Jan Danek conducted a seminar on "Philosophy of Education in the context of     Globlaization and European integration processes" with teachers and students of the Institute. 
    At the end of the seminar all participants were awarded certificates of international standard!




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