List of used hardware and software

The following computer programs are used to improve the teaching quality in the educational process for educational program 6В01504-Chemistry: Hyperchem, Cam Studio, FreeMake video, Quis FreeMaker, iSpring Free, CorelDRAW, BandiCam, Zoom, Kahoot, Quizizz, GoogleDocs, etc.


Students are provided with computer classrooms, reading rooms, and media halls equipped with modern multimedia equipment to perform independent, practical, educational and research work.
The Institute's media center has the following educational and documentary films:

Group of educational programs

Name of educational and documentary films

B012-Training of chemistry teachers

От полюса до полюса

Мега цунами

Глобальное потепление

80 чудес света

Приключения капли воды

История жизни

Equipment with computer programs for developing students' digital competence




Digital lab

Chemical ecology, Chemical technology

It is intended for conducting scientific research in the field of environmental monitoring using instrumental methods. The laboratory is equipped with sensors necessary for practical and research work. The following studies and measurements of environmental parameters are carried out: monitoring of the atmosphere (sensors for temperature, acoustic pollution, atmospheric oxygen concentration, carbon monoxide); monitoring of the water environment (sensors for temperature, acidity, and nitrate ion concentration); precipitation monitoring (acidity sensors, nitrate ion concentrations); soil monitoring (preparation of soil solution, soil extract, acidity sensors, nitrate ion concentrations). Laboratory sensors are connected to a personal computer. Software is included with the package. The laboratory provides excellent opportunities for research and design work.


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