Research directions

Yeskermesuly A. - Spectral analysis of differential operators
Baizakova S.S.  - Research of features of formation of the personality of students in the process of professional training and the place of programming languages in the direction of
Aliyev, G.S.  - To form informational competence of future pedagogical specialties using digital
Valiullov M.R. - Consideration of modern methods of development of e-books.
Zhamalova S.А. - On the basis of the bases of these and informative systems, educating social and academic to the competence of students.
Nazarova B.C.  - Improving the implementation of laboratory works in computer science in a modern direction with the use of new information technologies
Ilubaev M.A. -The use of terminological words in the organization of laboratory work in English on ICT
Sundetbayeva A.G.,  - The use of new teaching methods in the organization of laboratory work on programming languages.
 Shongalova K.S. - Formation of information competencies of future specialists through computer modeling
Azhibekova P.S. - Uses monitoring and evaluation of knowledge during independent work of students.

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