Gifted Students Support Program

Gifted Students Support Program
Explanatory note

The main task of the teacher - a discovery and development characteristics of students cognitive abilities: sensation, perception, memory, ideas, imagination, thinking, attention. In the construction techniques of the students in learning computer science at the university must be based on the idea of a differentiated and developmental education.
For the construction techniques are necessary:
1. Diagnosis of gifted students in the system of general diagnosis (range of activities: the different types of testing, introspection, observation of teachers).
2. Gifted Students Teaching methods (problem, search, research, and so on. d.).
4. The ability to modify the program to conduct training in accordance with the results of the diagnostic study, parental counseling.
Hence working with gifted students is proposed that the questions included in the content of foreign languages education in the past decade: IELTS, TOEFL, CELTA, etc...
Work may be performed in a variety of shapes and forms. Conditionally can distinguish three main types of work.
1. Individual work - work with the student to guide the extracurricular reading in math, preparing reports, abstracts, mathematical works, preparing some students for Olympiads, conferences, etc...
2. Group work - systematic work carried out with sufficient permanent staff of students.
3. Mass work - episodic work carried out with a large team of students. To apply this type of evening, the conference week Informatics Olympiad and so on.
In practice, these types of work are closely linked with each other.
Today the most common forms of work with gifted students are clubs, competitions and so on. There are special courses and elective courses as a variety of electives.
One of the forms of employment are:
- competition of orators with the use of materials for international tests;
- competition for the best solution to the problem by means of the methodical approaches in trilingual education;
Work with gifted students
At the heart of work with gifted students is the principle of voluntariness. It can be organized as a for showing some signs of giftedness, and for everyone.
One of the first lessons should tell students about what they will do, what's new and interesting things they find out what classes benefit as they will be held to reveal who wish to engage in. And must specify the basic requirements, which should be subject to further students involved.
1. General Provisions
1.2. 1.1. The program of support for gifted students in ArkSPI named after .I.Altynsarin (hereinafter - the Regulations) establish the procedure, terms and amount of support students enrolled in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin.
1.3. It provides for the continued implementation of measures to create ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin. policy to support talented students, held in ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin;
1.4. This Regulation is developed on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with Article 27 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On local governance in the Republic of Kazakhstan", Article 47 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On education", articles 4 and 11 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. "
1.5. These Regulations shall apply to students admitted to the first year of full-time training in ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin, and is valid for the duration of their training.
This Regulation does not apply to students who were expelled for any reason, the first year of study. This Regulation does not apply to students who have previously studied in other educational institutions of higher professional education.
1.6. These Regulations are valid from 2019 -2020 academic year..
2. Aims and objectives of support of gifted students studying in ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin
2.1 Its main objectives are to create an integrated system of identification, support and development of gifted students in KRMU.
2.2 determination of search strategy, education and training of gifted students;
2) maintenance and development of a single and continuous formation of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
The main directions of the Program are
2.1. adoption of organizational and administrative decisions aimed at improving the work with gifted students;
3.2 The implementation of measures for a more effective inclusion of gifted students into the intellectual and creative activity;
3. The development of material support and social protection of gifted students;
4. patriotic education of young students, formation of their legal and political culture, promotion of informed, responsible and active participation in social and political life of the university.
5. revival and sustainable development of students' interest in science and its applications and the expansion and deepening of knowledge of students on the program material.
The Program will provide
4.1. creation of an effective system for identifying, developing and supporting gifted students in ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin;
4.2. increase of social activity of young students;
4.3. expansion of access to quality education and training for gifted students at the university;
4.4. broad participation of students in local, regional, national and international creative competitions, festivals, competitions, sports competitions;
4.5. strengthening the material-technical base of institutions providing the work with gifted students.
5. The procedure and conditions of gifted students support measures
5.1. Awarding of prizes and diploma students Rector ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin "The best project."
5.2. The expenses of the Olympiad participants

Working plan of
department Foreign languages, Russian language and literature
on pedagogical support of gifted students
ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin
in the 2019 - 2020 academic year




Legal and Information Support


The development of gifted students support program

September 2019

Head of Department, Head of Programme


Drawing gifted student support plan

September 2019

Head of Department, Head of Programme


Updating electronic database, "gifted student" on the basis of the results of creative, social and sports activities

During a        year

program Manager


Organization of the seminar "Giftedness: concept; types of giftedness »

During a year

program Manager


Organization of translation experience teachers with gifted students in scientific collections, media, conferences

During a year

Head of Department, Head of Programme


Create a temporary creative group for the development of the "Student Portfolio"

During a year

program Manager

Intelligent direction


Annual Republican competition of research works of students



Student of group TFL-21

G. Nyshanbay.

Scientific supervisor Asanova S. K.


Conducting communication trainings with students

January, 2019

Head of Department, Head of Programme


Organization and conduct of the contest "Student Portfolio" at the courses

February, 2019

program Manager


Organization of training of students and their participation in competitions, olympiads, conferences of the republican level

During a year

program Manager


To conduct the Award Ceremony "Best Group of the Year!", "The Best Student of the Year!"

May 2019

program Manager

Social direction


Attracting students to participate in the city and regional competition " Tildaryn»


Senior lecturer Akhmetov G. X and the members of faculty


Participation in competitions of research works of students of the Foundation of the First President in the Republican competition for the best scientific work


Student of group TFL-41

Kakimzhanova L. supervisor senior lecturer Akhmetova G. H.

Student of group RO-32

Artikbaeva O. supervisor senior lecturer Turgumbekova B. N.


Competition for the award of the rector of ArkSPI for the best scientific work of students


Student of group TFL-31

Kadyrbek A

Scientific supervisor Baidalina Zh.Zh.

Health-saving direction


Organization of student participation sport kinds

During a year

Head of Department, Head of Programme


Organization of students' participation in the Olympics

By program sports committee

Head of Department, Head of Programme


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