Gifted Students Support Program


   Endowments (talent) - a system that develops in one or more kinds of the quality of life for the individual, which determines the possibility of reaching a person on the basis of its intellectual, cultural, psycho-physiological characteristics of higher, outstanding results of operations as compared to the other people.

  A gifted (talented) student, a teenager, a young man stands out bright, obvious, sometimes outstanding achievements (or has internal prerequisites for such developments) in one form or another activity.
   The level of qualitative uniqueness and character of talent (talent) is determined by a complex mix of natural instincts and the social and cultural environment, mediated by a child activity (game, educational, artistic, employment). In this regard, of particular importance for developing skills and development are the conditions for its own activity gifted (talented) students and youth. Social significance of giftedness (talent) young people connected with professional activity. A sign of genius (talent), as a rule, is to achieve outstanding results in the sphere of professional activity.
   Cleverness is the sphere of vocational education and training activities, as a rule, does not receive public recognition (not beyond the personal interests and personal leisure).

General provisions

1. The aims and objectives of support gifted students enrolled in the specialty 5B010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology

1.1. Its main objectives are to create an integrated system of identification, support and development of gifted students of specialty 5B010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology.
1) determination of search strategy, education and training of gifted children and youth;
2) maintenance and development of a single and continuous formation of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3) To promote socio-cultural formation of talented youth.

1.2. As part of the Program is expected to solve the following tasks:
1) ensuring the availability of education for popular areas of training, stimulating students' interest in learning and science, training of competent and competitive specialists for the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2) improving the quality of educational and training services in working with gifted students based on extensive use of modern scientific and educational achievements
3) development of material support and social protection of gifted students;
4) the patriotic education of young students, formation of their legal and political culture, promotion of informed, responsible and active participation in social and political life of the university.

2. The main directions of the program

The main directions of the Program are:
2.1. adoption of organizational and administrative decisions aimed at improving the work with gifted students;

2.2 The implementation of measures for a more effective inclusion of gifted students into the intellectual and creative activity;

3. Expected results of the Program

The Program will provide:

3.1. establishment of an efficient system for the identification, development and support of gifted students;

3.2. increase of social activity of young students;

3.3. expansion of access to quality education and training for gifted students at the university;

3.4. broad participation of students in the city, regional,
national, international creative competitions, festivals, competitions, sports competitions;

3.5. strengthening the material-technical base of institutions providing the work with gifted students.

4. The procedure and conditions for the provision of support measures gifted students

4.1. Rewarding students ArkGPI medal im.Y.Altynsarina "______."

4.2. Bonuses student who participated in the development of the best research project.

4.3. Tendering for the appointment of awards "Best Student of the Year", "Best student scientific projects"

  3rd year student Kurmanova Altyn versatile developed, is the winner of the Presidential scholarship with the 2017-2018 academic year, participated in regional, urban world chess Championships and won 1st place and got 1 rank in chess. Actively participates in all Institute, city events.


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