Office registrar

Here you can ask and get answers to questions, receive documents on request, and leave applications on the following issues:

- transcripts;

- references confirming studies;

- any changes in your personal and contact data, changes in training;

- registration/re-registration of subjects;

- summer semester;

- appeal to the management of the institute;

- academic progress;

- replacement and restoration, expulsion, academic leave;

- schedule of classes and exams;

- appeal applications.


Samples of the documents


NOTE: All applications must be handwritten.

Address: 110300, Auelbekova str.17, Arkalyk
Tel: 8-71430-7-24-88
Fax: 8-71430-7-01-87
Selection committee: 8-71430-7-11-57
Call center: +77143049502