Professional development 2017 year

Lectures of foreign professor

With a view to upgrading teacher education and increasing human capacity in the period from 19.10.2016g. on 29.10.2016g. in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute im.Y.Altynsarina held a series of training lectures Ph.D., Professor Jan Danek of St.. Cyril and Methodius University in g.Trnave (Slovakia) with the faculty and students of the institute.
Professor Jan Danek is the developer of disciplines "History of Education", "Theory of education", "Multicultural Education", "Sociology of Education", "Pedagogical Communication", taught at the University St. Cyril and Methodius.
improvement of professional skills courses program under the "Training of specialists with higher and postgraduate education and social support to students" in ArkGPI held with the participation of the entire teaching staff of the Institute and students of 1-4 courses.
Subjects of lectures and seminars was chosen taking into account the professional interests of academics and students and included a discussion of current trends of pedagogical sciences:
• Characterization, importance and objectives of the education philosophy
• Philosophy of education and philosophy of education?
• Man as an object the subject of upbringing and education
• valuable orientations in the process of upbringing and education
• Future and security of mankind, the impact of education and training in its development
• Globalization: characteristics and its influence on the processes of training and education
• Education and training in the historical experience of the country
• comparative education: contribution to global education
• The future of education and training in modern
• Educational communication: objectives and importance.
At the end of lectures 125 teachers of the institute were awarded certificates of completion.



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