Student Science 2014 year

The willingness of students to scientific research, personal formation, determines the status of the individual as a subject, including motivational and value attitude to these activities, the system of methodological knowledge, research skills, allows productive use them in solving professional and pedagogical problems.
The main types of research activities of the students at the institute are individual projects and group activities - CHO, organization of scientific events in the departments, scientific student circles, etc.
Shaping the research work of students due to the scientific directions and activities of the department on actual problems of modern pedagogy and implemented by attracting students to perform the action. To date, work on the stated themes of the initiative is carried out in the form of training of students of scientific papers, research projects at various competitions.
There are 11 scientific and problem groups, covering 206 students, representing 16% of the total contingent of full-time students: "Linguistic", "Thesaurus", "Chemistry zhane Omir", "Biology -tіrshіlіk kөzі", "Geography and Ecology", "Orken "," algorithm "," Іzdenіs "," Pascal "" Archimedes "," Tarikh, құқyқ zhane қoғamdyқ pәnder kafedrasynyң zhanyndaғy studenttіk ғylymi үyіrmesі. "Scheduled circles for 2013-2014 year activities for research projects carried out, the results are specific portfolio.
Holding the university student's scientific and practical conference organized Olympiad subjects, competitions of scientific and creative projects, abstracts. According to the plan of NIRS for the reporting period held 42 scientific-practical and scientific-methodical activities
Students of the Institute continue to participate in the project «G-Global». Participation in this project allows for an interactive, open and public debate, the debate on socio - economic, political, cultural, demographic, and many other issues.
Actively participate in the implementation of the program of historical research "The people in the flow of history", which aims to:
- Creation of conditions for a qualitative leap historical science of Kazakhstan on the basis of advanced methodologies and techniques;
- To expand the horizons of the national history of the Kazakhs, the formation of a new historical outlook of the nation.
- Interpretation of two decades Kazakhstan's recent history.
Since the beginning of the school year was held in the university registration portal «e-history» and constantly adds sections of the portal.
Work in this direction is realized on the basis of the department of history of Kazakhstan, fundamentals of law and economics.
Marked tendency of growing interest of students to research activity shows students' participation in scientific conferences. The results of student research papers published in collections of local and national publications annual conferences. In the 2013-2014 academic year, a joint publication of the students and faculty have made - 207 works (volume 40.07 pp).


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