Information-complex library

IBKMahina Sarsengul Kuandykovna

Director of Information-complex library

Tel.: 8 (71430) 7-24-88, internal phone: 113

The information and library complex is located in the main building of the ArkGPI, on the 1st floor, the left wing

Brief information:

IBK is an objectively demanded, dynamically developing information-educational and socio-cultural subdivision of the university. Information-library complex plays an important role in the life of the institute, in the training of highly qualified specialists, in the development of scientific research on topical problems of education.

The Information and Library Complex of ArkGPI is:

  • Center for information, knowledge and leisure;
  • Universal book fund numbering more than 250 thousand copies;
  • more than 1500 reference books and encyclopedias;
  • 10 thousand novelties annually;
  • 200 titles of periodicals issued annually;
  • a collection of rare books;
  • a multidimensional reference and retrieval apparatus;
  • Subscriptions and reading rooms;
  • Electronic Resource Center;
  • media center;
  • video room                                                                       
  • Tasks:

    • provide each user with quality access to educational and scientific information resources;
    • organize highly professional information and library services for users of the IBK;
    • ensure the preservation of available book collections and access to them in time and space

    The structure of the unit includes:

    8 subdivisions providing performance of various functions. They are united in technological departments:

  • Fund formation department;

  • Department of the service of readers: a subscription of educational literature, a subscription of fiction, a reading room of educational and methodical literature, a reading room for periodicals, a reading room for methodological support of foreign languages; reading room 2 buildings;

  • Department of multimedia resources: video hall, media center, electronic resource center

  • 2021 IBK
  • Brief historical background:

The information and library complex has been functioning since September 2007. Before that, the ArkGPI library had 1 reading room for 50 seats, 2 subscription. The book fund numbered about 143 thousand copies, subscription was carried out for 50 titles of Kazakhstan publications. The staff was 6 people.

Material and technical base:

  1. Number of reading rooms - 7
  2. Number of seats - 220
  3. Total area of ​​the library - 772.2 m²
  4. Computers - 73
  5. Multiplier, copying technology (scanners, printers, copier) - 6
  6. E-books - 12
  7. Subscription to periodicals in Russia and Kazakhstan - more than 200 editions
  8. Access to the Internet - 73 access points from a PC
  9. Functioning of electronic resource center, media room, video hall
  10. Electronic library - an array of more than 20,000 publications
  11. The presence of an automated information library system (electronic catalog) - an electronic catalog (acquisition of the IRBIS AIBS)
  12. Access to full-text databases - There is access to the database "Thomson Reuters", "Springer", RMEB, Publishing House "Lan" (Russia, St. Petersburg), etc.
  13. Library staff - 16
  14. The presence of ventilation system (air conditioning in chet.zalah) – 5
  15. Membership in Associations and Consortia - Member of the Association of University Libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Official / methodical documents:

In its activities, the IBK is guided by: the Education Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Standard "System of Standards for Information, Library and Publishing" (GOST 7.1-2003), the Instruction on the formation of the library of the state educational organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science RK of July 18, 2003 No. 508; Regulations on the Information and Library Complex and other normative documents regulating the activity of the IBK.


Address: 110300, Auelbekova str.17, Arkalyk
Tel: 8-71430-7-24-88
Selection committee: 8-71430-7-11-57
Call center: +77143049502