Structure of information and library complex

The IBK structure includes 8 subdivisions that ensure the performance of various functions.

Struktura IKB

They are combined into technological departments:
• fund formation department;
• Reader service department (subscription of educational literature, subscription of scientific and fiction literature, reading room of educational and methodological literature, reading room of periodicals, reading room of methodological support of foreign languages);
• Department of multimedia resources (video room, media center, electronic resource center).


  • Educational and scientific, fiction
  • Reading room of educational literature
  • Reading room of periodicals
  • Electronic resource center, media center, video room

New information technologies are actively entering our life. The library has specialized rooms for working with new media. The IBK has an electronic resource center equipped with personal computers, special furniture (computer tables of convenient and beautiful modification, cabinets for storing disks).

  • Reading room for methodological support of foreign languages
  • Department of the formation of the library fund
  • Hall of catalogs
  • Book storage sector


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