Policy and mission

The information and complex library carries out its activities in accordance with the strategic objectives of the university.

The main factor in improving the quality of IKB activity is user orientation.

Our mission:

• provide each user with high-quality access to educational and scientific information resources;
• organize highly professional information and library services for library users;
• ensure the safety of existing book collections and access to them in time and space;
• provide access to information and electronic resources of the Internet.

ICB quality policy:

• creates and maintains a modern level of information support for educational and scientific activities of its users; • builds its relationship with users on the basis of respect for the individual and his information needs;
• forms the information culture of its users;
• provides high quality and comfort of services.


Address: 110300, Auelbekova str.17, Arkalyk
Tel: 8-71430-7-24-88
Selection committee: 8-71430-7-11-57
Call center: +77143049502